Awards and Grants






At the IACR Annual Conventions, eminent biomedical scientists and clinicians are invited to deliver IACR orations. Another oration award in the name of the Founding President Dr. M. G. Deo was instituted in 2000 from the donations received from Dr. Deo's students and associates. Since then IACR Oration award, Dr. M.G. Deo Oration and IACR Presidential Oration awards are given once in three years.


The IACR has constituted various competitive awards from the generous donations of various well-wishers. These awards serve as an incentive to young scientists to excel one-another in producing the research findings of a high order. These competitions are organized during the Annual Convention.




Since 1999, the Indian Association for Cancer Research has conducted an All India Essay Competition which is open to post-graduate students and research scholars (age < 30 yrs on 31st December 2006) from Indian Universities and Research Institutions. Since 2002, IACR has made it an international competition.


For best oral presentation by young scientist below age of 30 years, the IACR has instituted two awards.



This award has come through a generous donation from the family of Late Shri Sitaram Joglekar who died of leukemia at the age of sixty in the year 1983. The establishment of this award is a measure of the social consciousness of the Joglekar family.



This award for best oral presentation has been instituted from the donation received from Dr. Veena Verma from Cancer Research Institute, Mumbai in memory of her late mother, Smt. Mangala Bamane.


For best poster presentation by young scientist below the age of 30 years, the IACR has instituted two awards.



Shri Rajanikant Shivprasad Baxi was born on April 19, 1917.  Shri Baxi joined the Civil Services, Police Department in the year 1934. His sincerity and hard work earned him many awards during the Mahagujarat / Maharashtra bifurcation and also at the time of Goa / Pondicherry charge taken over from the Portuguese / French. Unfortunately, during the last phase of his life, leukemia conquered his otherwise good health. The dreadful disease took his life on Monday, the 20th May, 1985 at the age of 68. This award comes through a generous donation made by the Baxi family.



This award has been instituted from the donations received from Dr. Aarti Juvekar from ACTREC, Mumbai in the name of her father Shri Rambahu Kulkarni. Late Shri Ramachandra Eknath Kulkarni, came up in his life through struggle since his childhood. He worked with the Indian Railways for 37 years. During his tenure in the railways, he became popular in his subordinates and collogues because of his kind attitude and helping nature. He deserved appreciation for his sincerity, hard work and respect for human values. He acquired excellent linguistic skills and understood and emphasized the importance of education especially in the field of Science and Technology. He was a loving father. He encouraged his children to be sincere, honest and facilitated them to acquire the highest possible education.




For the best oral presentation by mid-level scientist between age group 30-40 years, the IACR has instituted two awards.



Dr. Virendra Balkrishna Kamat was associated with Cancer Research Centre during 1954-1961.  He had a brilliant academic career throughout his life.  Award of the coveted Fulbright Scholarship enabled him to carry out advanced research work at the famous Children's Cancer Hospital at Boston, Mass, USA .  Later on, he shifted to UK where he was actively associated with various research projects in Unilever Limited.  After his untimely death in UK , in 1983, his family members, friends and several well-wishers decided to institute an award / prize to perpetuate his memory through a handsome donation to the IACR.


Late Shri Ramnath Hiralal Jaju was born on 5th December 1887 at Erandol, Dist. East Khandesh, now Jalgaon, Maharashtra State .  He had his education at Erandol and then took over the responsibilities of his business establishments of his father which were spread out all over Khandesh. He was a leading figure in the community, not only in the district but all over the country.  His forward looking views on education and customs of the society were well known and they were advocated at various national meetings of community gatherings.  He was associated with numerous charitable institutions.    He had a special interest and devotion towards education.  He was the Pioneer in establishing the Erandol Educational Society. In September 1964 he had the first and his last illness - lung cancer.  He passed away on 22nd January, 1965.  A generous donation by Jaju family makes this award to a mid-level scientist possible.





Travel grants are given annually to encourage students to participate in the annual IACR conventions.


In order to facilitate the young investigators to visit other laboratories in India for acquiring frontier technology, 'Technology Transfer Fellowship' was instituted by IACR in 1992.




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